Personal Tax Return


It is also called a Self-Assessment tax return, (SA for short). Several income sources can come under this heading e.g.:

  • Employment Income (P60)
  • Self-employment (Sole trade/partnership income)
  • Dividends
  • Foreign income
  • Rental income
  • Capital gains Tax
  • Pension income
  • Interest income
  • Child benefit charge

Any other source of income, there are some types of incomes that are not taxable e.g., interest earned on ISAs


Q: As a company director, do I need to file my personal tax return?
A: May Be, it depends if the director has been issued notice by HMRC to file a personal tax return regardless of the level of income then YES otherwise NO unless one has income subject to tax which has not been taxed at source and should be declared.

Q: What is UTR?
A: UTR stands for Unique Tax Reference number (it is a 10 digit code issued by HMRC and it is not the same as NI number).

Q: Can I get UTR even if I am not self-employed
A: Yes

We can help you prepare and file your personal tax return with HMRC.

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